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Although the election of our next president always commands our focus, this year’s election will bring us to a fork in the road offering two very different directions for our Nation.  On one side we have Barack Obama who won the last election on the promise of Change and Hope.  No one can argue that Obama was handed a slew of problems – many of which were greater than any incoming president has every faced.  But whether you voted for Obama or not, it is hard to argue that the dramatic change we were promised never occurred.  Now we stand at the fork with a sputtering economy in the wake and a choice which will keep us headed down a road with policies that feel like they are counteracting our recovery.

On the other hand, you have Mitt Romney the former Massachusetts governor and businessman.  Many fear that if Romney were president he would discard the entitlements on which so many Americans are currently relying while adhering to special interests of corporations and citizens at the top of the echelon.  Our domestic agenda is at the forefront of this election and course of our Nation will be determined by its outcome.  We will either become much more of a socialist nation than ever before or we will reassert the capitalist framework of a free economy; two very different ideologies.

The Debates

The First Presidential Debate:  This debate proved to be pivotal for Romney as it sent a surge into the heart of his campaign.  Romney continues to gain momentum.

The VP Debate: Here both men did extremely well in achieving their goal.  Vice President Biden aggressively took command and reasserted the leadership into the Obama/Biden ticket which was lost in the First Presidential Debate.  Congressman Ryan achieved his goal by showing the American people that he is competent and able to step into the role which is one heartbeat away from the presidency.

The Second Presidential Debate:  We can expect a much more lucid and assertive Obama for sure.  However, overcompensation will draw a fine line here; too much aggression and Obama will come across as having a chip and could risk falling into some unwanted stereotypes which will take away from his presidential gravitas.  If he is too laid back, Romney will eat his lunch.  Either way a challenging balance to strike for the President.  Romney on the other hand needs to settle down as he is jacked up from his performance in the first debate.  Like Biden he too bordered on being rude and with the additional adrenaline he could come across as too reactive and not thoughtful.  Everything will hinge on this debate from Romney.  If he loses it will be curtains for him.  But if he wins it will catapult him forward with enough momentum to win the popular vote.

But can Romney win the election?  As of right now he has an uphill battle ahead of him.  The uphill metaphor in this scenario specifically refers to the battleground states of Florida, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin.  Currently Romney is slated to win 191 electoral votes and as he needs 270 to win the election he essential needs to win all the swing states if he forgoes a win in Ohio.  Obama on the other hand is currently slated to win 230 electoral votes.  The odds weigh heavily in Obama’s favor.

The Media

Regardless of whether you are Republican or Democrat you would be hard pressed to find a media outlet that is covering the election in accordance with any journalistic professionalism.  Every news story that is reported is overshadowed by political bias making it virtually impossible to separate fact from spin.  The role of media is to report the news and role of a journalist is to report the facts not to sway the public to support their own views and interests.

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