Why I am writing this blog

By tamara on

This is a far easier question for me to answer, than why I am actually still working on Wall Street [which is a question I ask myself daily].

I have worked on The Street for almost twenty years, in a variety of roles and at a number of bulge bracket firms.  Some say that I have an amazing ability to evolve my career, as I have continuously emerged triumphant, succeeding in each role that I have taken on.  Well, that sounds great and if true, I would be highly impressed with myself.  But in reality, the metamorphosis of my career was not always by design or entirely in my control.  Truth be told, in today’s Wall Street world, NO ONE has complete control over their career or their fate.  It’s unsettling, I know.

So, again, why am I writing this blog?  Well, it is fair to say, that I, on average, have five career conversations per week wherein I am being asked for career advice.  Three out of those five conversations are with people who are unemployed and are looking for a job.  Yet when I listen to them describe their circumstances, I am often NOT surprised that they are in the situations which they are in.  So with that said, I believe this blog can help.

I have survived some tough career circumstances and political situations, which have taught me a lot.  And although my career is no more certain than anyone else’s, I do believe, what I have learned can be shared and can benefit others – and THAT is why I am writing this blog.




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