The trip of a decade

By tamara on

When I turned 40, I decided that the next ten years of my life should be filled with excitement and adventure.  I wasn’t exactly sure of how to do this, but I knew that a good starting point would be – to get the hell outta New Jersey.  So, I set out a resolution for myself:  over the next ten years, I would leave the country at least once a year.

In the absence of marraige and children, I have freedom.  And I truly believe that I am supposed to use this freedom to seek, and to live, a life that is interesting and fabulous, full and rewarding.

The rules of this resolution were simple.  Repeat countries don’t count and neither do business trips.  But how was I going to chose the destinations?  Well, I wasn’t.  The destination was going to chose me.



  1. Interesting point that “business trips don’t count.” I’m about to leave for England, Switzerland, France and Spain. Almost all business. But since I’ll be away over a weekend, I’m taking Saturday and Sunday in the South of France, visiting a cousin. I often do this: leave a day early or stay an extra day or two on every business trip. It’s part of my philosophy: make every moment count. Absorb all you can. Enjoy and share. Since I do have kids, this is one way I get to have my cake and eat it, too.

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