The Quest for Contentment

By tamara on

Many people search for happiness, but I’m not even sure what happiness really is.  My quest in life is for contentment, which to me is the inner peace and calmness of the soul.

I believe that our soul is a reflection of our emotional state – our pains, our sorrows, our joys and most of all, our insecurities.  Our insecurities stem from our fears and create our motives.  But simply put, our souls are cluttered with baggage.

The baggage that we harbor creates restlessness and hinders our ability to be still.  And because the pace of the world today overwhelms us with distractions, most of us are totally unaware of this.  We chase the clock to complete meaningless tasks, which are endless by our own design, in effort to prevent what we fear the most – being alone with our own thoughts.

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  1. Interesting point of view. For me, contentment is found by “living deliberately.” Every decision I make, every action and choice is made with the full understanding that I have consciousness – that I exist – for but a brief moment. What I do here matters because this is all there is: here and now. Living deliberately means recognizing that my time will end, in oblivion, and that recognition makes this life so much more meaningful and beautiful. It means I savor every moment with every friend, with my wife, with my children. It means I gain contentment with every conscious act.

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