The Perfect Storm

By tamara on
effects of hurricane sandy

I am not only referring to Sandy, but there have been a number of seismic events that together have warranted this title.  It’s been about a month or so since I last posted, so I thought I would summarize these events in one blog post.

Let’s begin with Hurricane Sandy which has been the talk of the town for last several weeks and will remain as a headline for those who have been most affected.  As I live in a coastal New Jersey town, I am reminded of Sandy’s destruction every day.  But my own personal pain from Sandy was a mere inconvenience; 10 days without power – a struggle that switched off as soon as the electricity was switched back on. For this, I am grateful but others were not as fortunate.

To many, Sandy has been dreadful.  It hit the New Jersey cost line and areas of New York with an impact never before seen.  This storm has been life-changing as homes have been washed away along with sentiment and memories held dear.  Roads remain closed and entire towns are still uninhabitable.  The local talk which dominates conversations is about families displaced with nowhere to live.

In other parts of the Tri-state area people have already put Sandy behind them.   But here in Monmouth County we cannot – nor should we.  This is our common home and we must all do our part to contribute.  The road to rebuild will be a difficult one but if we let kindness and compassion reign then our community can rebuild and thrive once again.


Barack Obama remains as the President of the United States. This to me is as devastating as Sandy herself as the effects of a President who supports big government at a time when our country is in such a fragile state will prove to be detrimental to our economic recovery.

Businesses and corporations are bracing themselves by implementing strategies that include spending cuts and corporate lay-offs while they look for new avenues of revenue to defend corporate profits. Economic uncertainty looms while the only sure thing we can count on is increased taxes.

I hate to look ahead with such a negative outlook but as someone who works in any industry where the economic indicators impact how we do business from day-to-day it’s difficult to see anything differently particularly when the nation braces itself for the impending Fiscal Cliff.

Fiscal Cliff is the financial crisis which will occur if Congress and the White House cannot bridge the political impasse of tax and spending cuts which will expire at the end of this year. Most economists agree that if deadlock continues then we will go over the cliff and into recession.

On lighter note, Hurricane Sandy caused the cancellation of the age old tradition of Halloween.  There were many disappointed children this year but the real disappointed came as we all got on our scales after the storm and noticed the additional pounds that storm left behind. With power outages everywhere Sandy also brought bad-eating, inactivity and sloth.  I myself ate and entire one pound bag of undistributed Halloween Twix and then started in on the peanut butter cups.  Sandy’s devastation is just endless [levity intended]


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