The New Black

By tamara on
image of lena dunham

It has been reported today that Anna Wintour the iconic editor of Vogue Magazine is trying to persuade Lena Dunham to pose for its cover.  Dunham is a talented writer, actor and filmmaker but her physique does not fit the profile of what Vogue typically chooses for its covers.  The courtship of Dunham is Wintour’s attempt to cast a wider net and capture the younger generation of Hipsters.

While Wintour’s objective is not driven by anything other than a monetary goal, I applaud her action because of the message it sends.  Because Vogue is considered to be fashion’s bible, many turn to its pages to validate both style and beauty.  By putting Lena on the cover it will expand the definition of beauty beyond the narrow perception that beauty only wears a size zero.

In an article I read this morning, I learned that Lena Dunham is a size 8.  I immediately thought to myself that I too am a size 8.  I don’t consider myself to be fat or overweight, yet Wintour’s pursuit of Dunham is drawing national attention, as if Vogue is compromising beauty.  Boy, we really have a long way to go.

But it does seem that we are moving in the right direction and although one cover is not enough, two or three indicate that a trend in fashion is forming.  Last March, Vogue featured Adel as the cover girl for their Power Issue and the November issue of Elle is graced by Melilssa Mccarthy.  These women are smart, talented, successful, powerful AND of course beautiful.  And finally, the world of high-fashion looks beyond its own vapid gloss to realize that beauty is only skin deep.

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