Thank You

By tamara on
thank you written in sand

In the Introduction of my blog I briefly mention gratitude and entitlement.  I say that we are entitled to nothing, but deserving of everything.  Well, how does one become deserving of everything?  I truly believe that it begins with attitude.

A negative outlook will attract negative energy – everyone knows that.  But go one step deeper and we will find that having appreciation and gratitude actually pave the way for good karma to enter our lives.  Having gratitude will shift our focus from what is lacking in our lives to the abundance that we already have.

Life’s circumstances happen and most often we don’t have any control over them.  We can plan and prepare, but they happen anyway, whether we want them to or not.  How we handle life’s curve balls is a true display of our character.  And it is always important to remember that life is fragile and everything that we have, can go aways as fast as a finger snaps.

If we live our lives bearing this thought in mind, we will realize that everything that we have is a gift.  And while we have what have – no matter how much or how little it may be – we should our appreciation AND always say Thank You.


  1. A great reminder, T. It’s all-too easy to get caught up in the daily stresses and to feel tired and disappointed and alone, but so importance to find ways to appreciate the love and riches that surround us. I just read a really good book–Wild by Cheryl Strayed (I might have mentioned it to you). She also lost her parents when she was in her 20s, and after making some bad decisions in her life she decided to save herself and hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PST) from California to Oregon (or maybe Washington state?). I have such deep admiration for people who experience loss and hard times, and find the strength within themselves to not only survive but thrive. Anyway, lovin’ your blog! Thanks for the wisdom….

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