Winter on fire 5

Winter on Fire

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Last night I thought I was going to the movies at the IFC theater in the West Village, but instead I went back to Kyiv and joined the protests that took place at Maidan Nezalezhnosti, in November 2013.  That is how vivid the depiction was by Director Evgeny Afineevsky in his newly released documentary “Winter …

Ukrainian Flag with Tryzub

Ukraine’s Long Road to Freedom

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A battle has been won for the opposition of Ukraine, but the proverbial war is far from over. I begin by stating how truly proud I am of the Ukrainian people as their determination, perseverance and resolve over the last several months, have brought them to this historic point. Ukraine one again finds itself in …

image of Nelson-Mandela

What Ukraine Can Learn from Mandela

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Throughout its modern history, Ukraine, like South Africa has struggled with oppression. And while South Africans were victims of racial tyranny, Ukraine’s oppressor was a politically motivated dictatorship. Despite their distinct differences, oppression held each country so tightly in its grips that nearly all the vitality was squeezed out of them.  But South Africa managed …