Putin in Dresden

Putin’s Syrian Dance

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Russia’s bombing of Syria has much greater meaning than the context of Russia simply coming to aid of its greatest ally in the Middle-East.  This is a very serious event that will set the parameters of Putin’s next strategic action. A few weeks ago, I watched the Putin interview on 60 Minutes.  Amidst a barrage …


The Vote for Progress in Ukraine

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The elections are underway in Ukraine and voter turnout is strong in Kiev and the west. All over social media people have posted pictures of Ukrainian citizens that live abroad, lining up to vote at consulates around the world. I can feel the national pride and enthusiasm, as citizens come to vote wearing the traditional …

hammer and sickle

The New Cold War

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Although the Cold War ended over two decades ago, I would argue that the events of the last several days are an indication that a new Cold War may be igniting.  The events which I am course referring to, is the Russian invasion of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula.  This invasion is much more endemic of a …

image of Nelson-Mandela

What Ukraine Can Learn from Mandela

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Throughout its modern history, Ukraine, like South Africa has struggled with oppression. And while South Africans were victims of racial tyranny, Ukraine’s oppressor was a politically motivated dictatorship. Despite their distinct differences, oppression held each country so tightly in its grips that nearly all the vitality was squeezed out of them.  But South Africa managed …