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The Bear of Losing Money

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Warren Buffet’s first rule of investing is: Don’t lose money. Warren’s second rule of investing is: Never forget the first rule. Well, as an avid equity investor, I can attest that Warren’s rules are not so easy to follow. This year through a number of losses, I have learned some remarkable lessons that helped me establish …

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Financial Freedom

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Money is a major part of modern life.  But through the years I have come to believe that our relationship with money is probably the most dysfunctional relationship in our lives.  And what has further surprised me, is that in a country with as much abundance as the United States, the cultural undercurrent is actually …

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Negotiating your worth

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Somewhere within our career goals we all strive to be valued and appropriately compensated.  Rewards come in many forms and so does gratification so we must first try to understand what we are seeking.  That what motivates us becomes the goal which we then work towards. For me, money was never the sole motivator, but …

Dress for success

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During my stint at Merrill Lynch, I ran one of the most important projects of my career.  In order to launch the initiative, I scheduled a meeting to gather all the key stakeholders from around the globe.  Those expected to attend were senior managing directors and I was going to co-lead the meeting with the …


Your Right, Your Vote

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Although the election of our next president always commands our focus, this year’s election will bring us to a fork in the road offering two very different directions for our Nation.  On one side we have Barack Obama who won the last election on the promise of Change and Hope.  No one can argue that …


Grow up Facebook

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With all the ‘friends’ that Facebook has, its IPO was still lackluster.  The stock which opened at $42.05 closed at $38.23, up just $.23 from its IPO price.  Despite record volumes that traded more than 500 million shares throughout the trading day, Facebook’s share price remained impotent. Facebook is beloved by over 900 million users …

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A Failure Too Big

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Last week JPMorgan announced trading loss of 2 billion dollars.  This news knocked the wind out of Wall Street and unnerved its investors.  The market punished JPM with almost a 10% decrease in its stock price and a downgrade of its credit rating by Fitch.  Others rating agencies will undoubtedly follow and although it was …