Dead cupid 2

Valentine’s Day Massacre

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Since I moved into Manhattan, my social life has exploded.  I am reconnecting with old friends and meeting dozens of new people.  Even the dating scene has been hotter than it’s ever been for me, including when I was single and in my twenties – mostly because back then, I had little experience and didn’t …

photo of me with my mother

My Mother

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I won my first essay contest when I was in the second grade.  The title of the winning essay was “My Mother.”  It was the easiest essay for me to write because I just wrote from the heart and because my mom was so great, it was an easy contest to win. Everyone thinks that …

thank you written in sand

Thank You

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In the Introduction of my blog I briefly mention gratitude and entitlement.  I say that we are entitled to nothing, but deserving of everything.  Well, how does one become deserving of everything?  I truly believe that it begins with attitude. A negative outlook will attract negative energy – everyone knows that.  But go one step deeper and we will …