Remembering JFK

By tamara on
JFK funeral

50 years have passed since John F. Kennedy was slain before the very eyes of the American people.  I hadn’t yet been born, but I have the same emotional attachment to the Kennedy Assassination, as I do with September 11th.  And although 9/11 is a chilling day in my memory, I am haunted by the Kennedy Assassination in a way that is indescribable.

It was the day that Camelot died – the romantic fairy tale representing the dreams of a Postwar America, personified by a handsome prince and his beautiful princess.  Jack was a modern day president whose idealism and progressive actions would lead our nation forward – he was a symbol of hope and optimism.  And with his death our optimism shattered and it became the day that America lost its innocence.

The Kennedy assignation has all the elements of a compelling drama; a shocking tale that only that only reality can tell.

Lee Harvey Oswald played the quintessential villain – a sociopath and a loner, aloof, angry, and retaliatory, a traitor, a communist and any other character flaws needed to convince the American people that he was the shooter and that he acted alone.  And although Oswald fit the profile, the evidence pointing to a conspiracy is overwhelming.

The story continues to unfold as secrets trickle out through decade long intervals with a certain hope that through the years, the public will lose interest.  But the interest in the truth will never wean nor will it rest – instead it will continue to torment relentlessly while generation after generation impatiently waits for more evidence to be released.

The American people deserve to know who was responsible for the murder of JFK.  And if one day, a conspiracy theory is unequivocally proven, then the assassination of our 35th President will become much more symbolic than just the tragic loss of his life.  It will become a day that the American people were gravely deceived by their own government.  It will become synonymous with the extreme corruption of power that has given cause to the decay that we see in our government today.



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