President Trump’s COVID Illness and How it Should Shape China Posture

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Op-ed that I wrote on October 12, 2020

As President Trump announced his COVID diagnosis, China’s social media lit up with a gleeful Trump “had it coming.” Chinese people celebrated with free coffees; predictions were tossed around anticipating an impending death of our Commander-in-Chief, who caught the dreaded virus on the 70th anniversary of Chinese Communism. President Trump quickly recovered; moreover, this will likely motivate him to adopt a stronger posture towards China.

I have long pondered the world’s puzzling response to the Corona virus. China made us all sick while destroying the global economy, yet no one seems all that outraged nor willing to hold her accountable. Tepid reaction to China’s role in both the development and release of COVID-19 shines a light on how deeply she has infiltrated the United States and other nations. As I tally up the score, it’s clear China is winning the war – and make no mistake, China is at war with us.

The extent of Chinese infiltration is staggering. Via many institutions like their “United Work Front Department,” China has spun a tight web over academia and the business world. CCP members are positioned on numerous western corporate boards, even on the board at Yale. Chinese Studies programs at many colleges function as propaganda outlets.

As China successfully permeated our state and local governments, think tanks, and corporations, countless individuals enriched themselves, selling us out to the highest bidder. Nearly every politician, academic, media outlet and corporation has been cultivated or compromised, including entertainment, sports and cinema.

Stealth Campaign to Destroy America

All this did not appear by accident. In 1999, PLA Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui authored a book titled “Unrestricted Warfare,” (later sensationally subtitled “China’s Master Plan to Destroy America”). Premised on Sun Tzu’s “Art of War,” their book outlines principles of “composite modern warfare”: setting in motion an unrelenting stealth campaign where nothing is off the table, and as Mao Zedong declared – every citizen is a soldier.

The battlefield surrounds us, without restrictions to weaponry – including cyber theft, smuggling, informational and financial attacks, to name but a few. These nefarious plots deeply impact all of us: media propaganda controls our thoughts, lethal drugs like fentanyl flood our streets, confusion and chaos foment social wars.

How do you boil a frog?

For Chinese world domination, the United States must be knocked off its global pedestal. Yet, while China unleashes new weapons and ways to wage war on us, we sit unconcerned inside the pot – oblivious to the surrounding water imperceptibly rising to a boil.

Eschewing a military war against the might of the US, China turned to her strengths: a population of 1.4 billion, a communist regime with scant regard for human life, plus our own addiction to consumerism – and how we turned a blind eye to the slave labor origin of our cheap Chinese goods.

Greed is the oldest story in the book, and China successfully identified and exploited our weakness: the relentless pursuit of profits. China’s slow, inexorable assault on our institutions proved to be an effective strategy for a country with the patience of a ruler not bound by term limits.

A History of Appeasement

On the other hand, US foreign policy long pursued strategies of appeasement. During the Cold War, many imagined the Soviet Union stood shoulder to shoulder with the United States. Fearing nuclear war, Kissinger’s strategy was to not poke the bear (like President Obama later sending pallets of cash to Iran to “prevent” war under his watch). Turning the other cheek merely resulted in creating the perception of an American paper tiger.

Only when President Reagan assembled his team of economic advisors to analyze the actual threat of the Soviet Union did we learn their economy was only the size of California’s. His solution to end the Cold War was simple: “We win, and they lose.” Much like President Trump, President Reagan’s confrontational approach rattled the foreign policy cage. However, even though President Trump tackled trade imbalances as a starting point, his response to Covid-19 has not gone far enough.

Actions to take

World leaders should demand access to the BSL-4 Lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), and ask to speak with the elusive “Bat Woman” Dr. Shi Zhengli, who conducted dangerous “gain of function” experiments at the Galveston National Laboratory before returning to continue her work at WIV.

We should investigate the full history of WIV, starting with the Sino-French 2004 cooperative agreement to build the Lab, and find out who funded these dangerous experiments with poor controls and little oversight. We will likely discover our own NIH was culpable in supporting these hazardous ventures.

Doctors suggest it would have taken a billion years for COVID-19 to evolve from SARS with its three envelops of SARS, MERs and HIV. Viruses don’t mutate in this manner; therefore it’s unlikely that Covid-19 was naturally born. Last week, Dr. Li-Meng Yan published a paper claiming COVID-19 to be a bio-weapon unleashed by the CCP. While still unproven, this aligns with the CCP’s objectives outlined in “Unrestricted Warfare.”

Mr. Trump should demand total transparency from the CCP, and the international community should impose sanctions on China. The US should aggressively advance a de-coupling strategy, and Secretary Pompeo should fulfill his promise to end Chinese internet censorship by taking down the Great Firewall of China. Finally, the world should seek monetary retributions.

For now, American patriotism has been undermined. Today’s globalist agenda supersedes economic nationalism, and the American people have suffered as a result. With an arrow-feather plucked from our own eagle’s plumes we have gifted our enemies the means for our own destruction. However, as President Trump recovers from the “China Virus,” a harsher US response will undoubtedly be forged, should he win the election.

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