The Power of Me

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Power of the UniverseFor the better part of a decade, I have hinged my beliefs on the idea that there is a master plan already laid out for each of us, and all we have to do, is simply live it. I also believed, that a spiritual force guides all that happens, and whether you call it God, or the Universe, nothing that we do, can change our destiny.

But earlier this week, I was speaking to a close friend who unequivocally disagreed with me. He even called my philosophy “horseshit.” He supported his argument by pointing out, that although I always make this philosophical claim, I am a perfect example of someone doesn’t actually live it.

He then drew my attention to the countless goals that I set for myself, in order to steer the course of my life. He highlighted the perseverance ,with which I set out to achieve them, and especially the defiance I show, when the “Universe” is clearly giving me a different signal. To further make his point, he reminded me of the vision board that hangs in my dressing room, that is plastered with the pictures of all that I want to achieve in life, and subsequently all that I will have.

When I tried to debate the point, I quickly tangled myself into  a juggernaut of contradiction. He then urged me to stop talking and go back to rethink my entire philosophy.

My entire life’s premise is based on the notion that when things are meant to be, they will be. And when they are meant to be, the result occurs rather effortlessly, as the power of that spiritual force propels them into happening. And when it doesn’t occur effortlessly, it’s usually because WE somehow get in our own way.

When God wants to send a message, he throws pebbles and when you don’t listen he throws boulders.

On Friday, I had lunch with another friend of mine. Similar to discussion from earlier in the week, I made a statement that again relinquished the power that I have over the fate of my life. To illustrate this concept, I referred to the perennial wisdom of nature and told him that grass doesn’t struggle to grow. As a PhD in one of the disciplines of science, he told me that my statement was false. Grass does indeed struggle to grow and without the proper conditions to nurture it, grass actually cannot grow. [Hmm].

I was actually relieved to hear this, because, life is hard and even when things go your way, life is still hard.

So, I received a dose of thought-provoking insight, that will now force me to re-work my entire life philosophy. But perhaps, my friends are right; maybe we do have more influence over our destiny than I originally thought. And more so, perhaps like grass, we have to be in the right environment in order to thrive. So, maybe we are indeed, the draftsmen of our own destinies.

As Gandhi once said “the future depends on what we do in the present.” While flipping through channel’s this morning, I stumbled upon the sermon of Pastor Joel Osteen. Perfectly fitting (which I still took as a sign) he said that we can’t always live in harvest season. Some seasons are meant for planting, some are meant for watering and others are meant for pulling weeds. But we need to put equal effort into ALL the seasons in order to have and abundant harvest. Amen.


  1. The power of you comes from the God within you.

    “But did I get here becuase of what I did or was I going to get here no matter based on my destiny?”

    You got here because you listened and were guided by the God(spirit/truth) within and did not let what the universe (external) presented to you hinder you if it was not in line with your truth.

    You are here because of your faith and works. Faith without works is dead. Works without faith is toil.

    (Psalm127:2 It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil.)

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