Paper Tiger

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Paper TigerThe current stand-off between Russia and the West, should serve as America’s wake-up call.

As Mitt Romney’s statement that Russia is America’s greatest geopolitical foe becomes a vivid reality, Obama continues to warn Putin through a hollow drum of rhetoric. Moreover, Obama has made it abundantly clear that the US will not respond militarily. America has once again, become a paper tiger.

Although, I am not advocating a military response as the proper course of action, I do believe that Obama’s statements create a perception of weakness and only embolden Putin’s further acts of aggression. It is not that we should go to war, it is knowing that we will go to war if need be, that might deter Putin, just as it inspired the release of the Iran hostages when Reagan took office.  But with no threat of war, Putin has the green light to proceed with his plans.

Although the US has an obligation to protect Ukraine’s borders under the 1994 START treaty, the US may not have the have the military might to even win a full-scale war with Russia.  Our defence posture since the Cold War ended has been based on the notion that Russia is no longer our adversary, so the US has been much less focused on developing new ballistics technology.  Russia, in constrast has launched the most extensive nuclear weapons modernization program, while the US has allowed its weapons to atrophy.  And the reduction of nuclear weapons between the US and Russia has become lopsided – as Russia has violated a number of arms control treaties, while the US has honored its obligations and conitnued to reduce arms.  

Currently the US has 30 ground-based interceptors that can protect us from less sophisticated long-range ballistic missiles like the ones North Korea has, but the US is less capable of defending itself against shorter range missiles launched onto US soil. The US is the only nuclear weapons state that is not modernizing its nuclear weapons to properly protect us from 21st century adversaries.

Russia’s nuclear doctrine “permits the use of nuclear weapons in conventional warfare and local and regional conflicts” while Obama expressed his desire to see a world without nuclear weapons – a nuclear zero policy. But the world is not becoming a safer place just because we hope that it is and the policies of the Obama Administration are not only weakening the US as world power, they put us in a position of vulnerability and potentially in harm’s way.

Just as the Obama administration recently announced further reduction in military spending, China has announced that it will increase their military budget – further narrowing the gap. And although the US still spends more on defense than any other nation, we provide nuclear security guarantees to over 30 countries around the world.  And should the constellation of our top three adversaries align against against us, we’d be screwed.



  1. Tamara-

    You do realize if we ever went to war with Russia or China there would be no winners. It does not matter if they have more fire power or if we do. Any war with these countries if escalated would not be the shock and awe we are used to seeing when we decide to bomb countries that are using old soviet era machine guns as their primary weapons. President Kennedy was smart enough to realize a nuclear war was not the answer and avoided what could have been a completely different history for the world. A war with Russia is not winnable and matters not who is running the country.

    Modernizing our nuclear program for what? There are no winners in a nuclear war. And as crazy as Putin might be he is only following the path of his predecessors who want to dominate eastern Europe. The only course of action for the US is to keep talking and using our allies to isolate RUSSIA economically. Wall Street has the power to put the hurt on Russia by crushing their currency but all the banks are likely in bed with Russia and this would hurt them. So blame Obama again because everything is is fault.

    • Hi Andrew thank you for commenting but just to to clarify a few points:

      1. Modernization of our defense strategy doesn’t mean creating more nuclear warheads but rather developing sophisticated interceptors that will destroy missiles should they be fired at us.

      2. Any collective action of Wall Street to crush the Ruble would be currency manipulation which is illegal.

      3. In a globally integrated economy, sanctions hurt everyone.

      4. Putin’s actions threaten Ukraine’s sovereignty and exemplify soviet style expansionism which violating various treaties that Russia has signed.

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