broken heart

The Break-Up

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How do you know its time to walk away from a relationship?  Whether it is a marriage or a friendship there may be a time when the relationship has deteriorated to a point where the only thing left is the memory of good times once had. Recently a friend of mine asked me the question …

photo of participants in Ukie Week

Ukie Week 2012

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When writing a travel blog one doesn’t usually think that a destination to be written about would be Wildwood, New Jersey.  But this past weekend, I ventured down to this somewhat squalid Jersey-shore town, to join the hundreds of Ukrainians in what has become known as “Ukie Week.”  And just as I remember, it ROCKED! …


Olympic Hope

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This year’s Summer Olympics have been the most watched Olympic Games in viewer history.  I for one have watched these Games, much more than other Olympic Games, in any years past.  Furthermore, I have been the most emotional that I’ve ever been – while watching the American flag as it is raised above the podium …

image of ocean life

I ♥ Cartagena

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I thought it be a day without promise, but it turned into one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. It all began when we boarded a boat to the private island of Rosario, named after the beaded necklace which guides so many Catholics in solemn prayer. Upon arrival we were given a brief …

hate note


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The other day, three of my oldest and dearest friends got together, as we normally do each year, usually to celebrate someone’s birthday.  I however was not invited.  I can’t say that I am surprised as my friendship with one of the girls has vanished over the last year while another friendship has been flat-lining …



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To celebrate American Independence Day, the town Red Bank has been host to New Jersey’s largest and most spectacular fireworks display for over 50 years. This year however, due to costs, the town had cancelled the celebration. I understand that times are economically tough, but to forgo the fireworks display is quite frankly, un-American.  The …

thank you written in sand

Thank You

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In the Introduction of my blog I briefly mention gratitude and entitlement.  I say that we are entitled to nothing, but deserving of everything.  Well, how does one become deserving of everything?  I truly believe that it begins with attitude. A negative outlook will attract negative energy – everyone knows that.  But go one step deeper and we will …

brother-sister rivalry

Oh Brother

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What is it about sibling rivalry that we don’t ever seem to outgrow?  Last week I went to California to visit my older brother, his wife and two children.  They moved to California from New Jersey just about eighteen months ago and this was my first visit with them.  He has been inviting me to …