image of bear and wall street

The Bear of Losing Money

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Warren Buffet’s first rule of investing is: Don’t lose money. Warren’s second rule of investing is: Never forget the first rule. Well, as an avid equity investor, I can attest that Warren’s rules are not so easy to follow. This year through a number of losses, I have learned some remarkable lessons that helped me establish …


Big Brother

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My father was a passionate man with strong convictions who never feared to voice his opinions.  But some of his theories seemed extreme and without merit and so he came across as paranoid. His greatest claim, which became his mantra, was that the federal government is taking away our rights and invading our privacy.  He …

image of lena dunham

The New Black

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It has been reported today that Anna Wintour the iconic editor of Vogue Magazine is trying to persuade Lena Dunham to pose for its cover.  Dunham is a talented writer, actor and filmmaker but her physique does not fit the profile of what Vogue typically chooses for its covers.  The courtship of Dunham is Wintour’s …

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Confessions of an Adulteress

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I have a friend, whose aunt had an affair with a married man, for thirty years.  One day, he died, and she didn’t even know; he just stopped calling.  She was devastated and knew that something had to be dreadfully wrong.  She frantically checked hospitals and ultimately the obituaries.  And there it was.  Her lover …

image of a bad date

Modern Dating

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As I sat down to write this morning, I became overwhelmed with frustration which quickly began to crescendo into anger.  What set me off was an email from It’s Just Lunch “IJL” the dating service that claims to connect successful, busy professionals with “career” as the common base for love. What angered me this morning …

photo of krakow at night


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I left Prague on Wednesday night and took a train to Krakow which was the most unpleasant part of my journey.  Up until this point, I had been traveling in style with the first class comfort of five star accommodations.  But as life has its clever way of reminding me to keep it real, all …

image of ornate clock in prague


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On Tuesday, I took a train ride back in time to the medieval city of Prague.  Because Prague is one of the few European cities that was spared from the destruction of Hitler’s Blitzkrieg, its architecture dates back several thousands of years. The world’s oldest working Astronomical clock, dating back to the 1400s adorns City …

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Berlin’s tumultuous history is pronounced by its architecture which is the remnants of three very distinct historic periods: its Prussian existence, its post-World War II Soviet era and the newly unified Germany, progressive and innovative. My hotel was located on Potsdamer Platz which once was the buzzing epicenter of the city until it was completely …

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Creatures of Habit

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We are all creatures of habit.  But have you ever stopped and thought just how attached we really are to our daily routines and rituals?  Even the slightest deviation or disruption is enough to throw us entirely off kilter.  Just think about it for a moment, oversleeping by a few minutes or missing our usual …