The Blind Eye

A Blind Eye

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A week ago Thursday, my vision started to blur.  At first it was sporadic – intermittently seeing double with an inability to pull things into focus.  By Friday night, I had difficulty seeing the road when driving and by Saturday morning I couldn’t drive at all. In a week’s time, I have seen half a …

Parental Guidance Suggested

Parental Guidance Suggested

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We don’t often realize just how influential our parents are to our lives, especially as we set out to make important decisions. Even as adults, we often consult our parents and ask for guidance; which is really permission, in disguise. Due to my parents passing, I haven’t had the benefit of parental guidance for most …

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Divorce, ugh.

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About six months ago my ex-husband and his wife got divorced. The news of their divorce was particularly unsettling, because of how personal it was to me. As fucked up as its sounds, the three of us were very close. We were like family and just as divorce is disruptive to a family unit, this …

image of a marijuana leaf

Legalize it?

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After a ban of more than 70 years, the State of Colorado became the first to legalize the sale and use of marijuana for recreational use. And the reaction has been gangbusters, as an unexpectedly high volume of consumers flocked to Colorado, selling out many of its dispensaries. Shares of the top six medical marijuana …

image of stickie notes "stick to resolution"

A New Resolve for the Resolution

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Making New Year’s Resolutions is a ritual that we seem to forgo as we grow older. Most people realize that the exercise is futile as they break their resolution within the first week of the new year. In fact 25 percent of people, abandon their resolutions after just one week and 60 percent, abandon them …


Tesla – Driving Innovation

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If you think that Tesla Motors is an automobile manufacturer of high-performance electric cars you are only partially correct. Tesla is much, much more than that – it is a Revolution; a Game Changer – and it is systematically changing the entire landscape of the automobile industry. Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the advent of …

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Mind your Energy

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A career coach once told me that I was a powerful force. What she meant was that my energy is so strong that it can change the mood of an entire room. I am not unique nor do I possess magical powers but we all have the ability to impact those around us with our …

image of Nelson-Mandela

What Ukraine Can Learn from Mandela

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Throughout its modern history, Ukraine, like South Africa has struggled with oppression. And while South Africans were victims of racial tyranny, Ukraine’s oppressor was a politically motivated dictatorship. Despite their distinct differences, oppression held each country so tightly in its grips that nearly all the vitality was squeezed out of them.  But South Africa managed …

image of giving thanks

Give Thanks

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In order to be happy you have to be grateful.  Most people think that you have to be happy first in order to be grateful, but in fact it is the other way around.  Grateful people, even those who have tremendous misfortunes are happier than those who feel entitled. [TED: David Steindl-Rast: Want to be …

JFK funeral

Remembering JFK

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50 years have passed since John F. Kennedy was slain before the very eyes of the American people.  I hadn’t yet been born, but I have the same emotional attachment to the Kennedy Assassination, as I do with September 11th.  And although 9/11 is a chilling day in my memory, I am haunted by the …