image of couple kissing

Rio é para amantes

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I was inspired by this display of affection and so I couldn’t resist taking this photo.  To me, there is nothing more romantic than such an overt expression of love.  I took this picture while walking along Ipanema Beach and it’s why I truly feel, that “Rio is for lovers.”

image of bull getting slayed

Slaying of the Bull

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There were several factors that led to Merrill’s demise and although culture wasnt the main one, it played an instumental part in the fall of Merrill. The culture at Merrill was deeply rooted to it brokerage firm origins – which translated into:  salesmen, selling less sophisticated, cash products.  Despite Merrill’s focus to build out the more complex derivative businesses, …

Me, my Ex and his Wife

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Life is complicated and no one provides you with a manual or instructions on how to live it.  You can only follow your instincts and do what feels right. I married Andrew in 1996, after having lived with him since my junior year in college.  When we met we were two broken souls, but together we seemed to have all that …

image of occupy wall street

Occupy Wall Street

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One day last fall, I ventured over to Zuccotti Park where protesters of the Occupy Wall Street movement had set up their base camp.  As someone who has spent their entire career on Wall Street and by definition falls into the class divide of the one percent, I am a part of the very establishment protested by this movement. Although I felt …

The Value of a Bonus

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A Wall Street compensation package consists of an annual base salary plus a bonus of cash and company stock.  This bonus however, is more than just a monetary reward – it is also a message from your employer – a statement of your value to your company. The bonus message is fairly simple to decipher, but it can become convoluted in delivery by mixed messages.  But the message is usually quite …

The trip of a decade

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When I turned 40, I decided that the next ten years of my life should be filled with excitement and adventure.  I wasn’t exactly sure of how to do this, but I knew that a good starting point would be – to get the hell outta New Jersey.  So, I set out a resolution for myself:  over the next ten years, I …

Mistakes people make when networking

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The biggest mistake that most people make when it comes to networking is that they start to network when they need something.   When you find yourself in a position of need or desperation, it’s a bit too late to start networking. Networking is best done when you don’t need anything from anyone.  In fact the most effective …