Grow up Facebook

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With all the ‘friends’ that Facebook has, its IPO was still lackluster.  The stock which opened at $42.05 closed at $38.23, up just $.23 from its IPO price.  Despite record volumes that traded more than 500 million shares throughout the trading day, Facebook’s share price remained impotent.

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A Failure Too Big

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Last week JPMorgan announced trading loss of 2 billion dollars.  This news knocked the wind out of Wall Street and unnerved its investors.  The market punished JPM with almost a 10% decrease in its stock price and a downgrade of its credit rating by Fitch.  Others rating agencies will undoubtedly follow and although it was …

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Single White Female

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Last Sunday my sister-in-law called me to wish me a Happy Birthday.  After she did, she proceeded to spend the next 25 minutes lecturing me about being single.  This is not first time we’ve had this conversation – although it is usually one sided – with her doing all the talking and me clenching every …

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Where are all the MEN?

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When I was growing up it seemed that men were portrayed to be strong and brave – their character was solid.  Women adored them, and younger men aspired to one day become them. So now I ask – Where are all these men today?  It seems to me, that finding men with such strong character, …