Mistakes people make when networking

By tamara on

The biggest mistake that most people make when it comes to networking is that they start to network when they need something.   When you find yourself in a position of need or desperation, it’s a bit too late to start networking.

Networking is best done when you don’t need anything from anyone.  In fact the most effective networking begins when YOU do something for someone else; it is much easier to ask for help when you have already banked some good will.  Once you have selflessly helped another, it’s usually not forgotten.  And now those whom you’ve helped, become your network.

Networking begins just as all relationships do, with a human connection.  The basis of the relationship is already established through professional common ground, so it is just a matter of discipline to continue to cultivate it.  Relationships strengthen through time spent together, so make it a point to stay connected.



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