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By tamara on
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A career coach once told me that I was a powerful force. What she meant was that my energy is so strong that it can change the mood of an entire room. I am not unique nor do I possess magical powers but we all have the ability to impact those around us with our energy force.

I learned a lot about energy and its relevance in business, particularly if you are a leader. Leaders set the tone with their energy before they even utter one word. Enthusiasm and passion can inspire entire organizations while negative energy, poor posture and body language can damage morale. And your energy is truer than you are, so if your message doesn’t match your energy, it is likely that your message will go unheard and your energy will leave the lasting impression.

Last night I went to my acupuncturist. She is spiritual woman who studied Eastern Medicine and Energy. She told me that we each need to be accountable for our own energy. I thought about it and think that she is right. Even Oprah has a sign in her dressing room that says “Take responsibility for the energy that you bring into this space.”

But what is energy and is it real or is some alternative concoction developed in that land of fruits and nuts? Well, I looked into energy from a scientific standpoint and found that the science of Physics teaches that all matter is made up of energy; even objects at rest have stored energy.

But whatever – we know it’s true because we’ve all witnessed it first hand in our daily lives. For example, when bumping into a total stranger they might react by throwing a mean scowl your way. Or when you accidentally make a driving error and someone flips you the bird. Or how about just greeting someone and they barely mumble a hello? Well doesn’t that make you feel bad and instantly ruin your mood? That is their energy colliding with your energy.

Energy is contagious. It can perpetuate and accumulate to become a powerful force that impacts attitude and behavior. People with positive energy are more likeable and attract while people with negative energy and a prickly, off-putting vibe, repel. Therefore we do need take accountability of our energy and check ourselves to make sure that the energy we are projecting matches our intentions.

Here are seven tips that will help project positive energy:

  1. Smile
  2. Don’t slouch
  3. Make eye contact
  4. Uncross your arms
  5. Say Something Nice
  6. Look at the bright side of every situation
  7. Oh yeah, and SMILE!


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