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LikeFacebook is a wonderful tool that has not only brought people together but its power has led to seismic shifts in the global political landscape.  Without exaggeration, it has changed the world.

But lately, as I look through Facebook, which I do on almost a daily basis, I have begun to discover posting patterns that offer insight into the psyche of the individual.  Whether we realize it or not, our Facebook posts speak volumes about us.  Our posting habits and patterns are instrumental in creating our personal brand and therefore it is important to be mindful when posting.

As I peruse the site, patterns seem to emerge.  Certain individuals tend to have a specific genre of posts.

There is the individual who constantly posts pictures, articles, and quotes that mainly have to do with themselves and they use Facebook as means of self-promotion.  For obvious reasons, I labelled this type of individual as The Narcissist.   Also in this bucket is the individual who only posts pictures of themselves engaging in extreme activities.  And when I constantly see posts like this from the same individual, I can’t help but to role my eyes and think “What a douche!”  And I’m sure  I am not alone in thinking that.

Another category type is The Preacher.  The Preacher tends to post his or her strong opinions on issues that most people would view as very personal choices.   The Preacher believes that they are merely expressing their freedom of speech, but their posts are off-putting to reader because they are often hostile in tone.  The Preacher would defend their aggression by relabeling it as “passion.”  But I think it is a mask to hide deeper unresolved personal issues.  The only solution, I can think of for the Preacher type is simply to “unfriend.”

Then there is The Needy – those individuals who will stop at nothing to grab attention, even if it means to put all the woes of their life, out there.  Each time I see a post from this type of individual, I have to brace myself for the doom and gloom that is coming.  You can’t however “unfriend” the Needy; they need you, and a friend in need…

Another thing to consider when posting is intent.  Your motivations are the drivers behind the patterns which are emerging most likely, unbeknownst to you, the author.  Once you begin to understand your intentions you will be able to break the patterns that may be creating a bad brand image.

But hey, I’m not psychologist.  All I really know is how I feel, after I’ve read a post.  So next time before you post, stop and think about the reader.  If your post primarily serves you, and does nothing positive for anyone reading it, please do us all a favor and don’t post.

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