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inner voiceA few weeks ago, I was watching a video of one my favorite spiritual teachers.  He was explaining the importance of practicing stillness, in an effort to hear your inner voice.

I know that I do not meditate enough, so I used this opportunity to do so.  I closed my eyes and began to breath deeply.  After a few moments, my heart rate slowed down and the chatter left my head. Everything became quiet and perfectly still and I listened patiently and intently, all while the guru repeated the mantra over and over “Be still and listen to your inner voice.  Be still and listen to your inner voice.  Be still….”

So I chimed in and said “Ok inner voice, what do you have to say?”  The response was shocking.  My inner voice said “MOVE TO MANHATTAN!” I suddenly opened my eyes suddenly, like I was jolted from a bad dream and my body was shaking.  Naturally my response was “SHUT THE FUCK UP INNER VOICE, THAT’S CRAZY.  I’M NOT MOVING TO MANHATTAN!”

The notion of moving to Manhattan seemed totally erratic and irrational.  I never even considered such a move, as I am perfectly content living in my New Jersey home.  But once the idea was born and freed, I couldn’t put the toothpaste back into the tube.  And each time I tried, it came back into my head, with greater velocity.  So I gave in.

I began thinking about it from another perspective: Why not?  The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me.

So now, two weeks later and my house is going on the market and I’ve already seen half a dozen apartments in the city.  The move seems drastic and sudden, but once the decision was made, I don’t feel like waiting.

Those who know me, know that I can’t make silly, insignificant decisions, like what to order for dinner.  I can only make drastic, life changing decisions with unwavering certainly.  This decision feels right, so off I go.

– more paint for my canvas


  1. I do trust my “Inner Voice” as well as “signs” which are often overlooked. Best of Luck Tammy and remember that everything turns out for the best. We simply don’t understand that until we look back on our lives, sometimes many years later.

    • Thanks Linda. I totally agree with you on things happening for a reason and often times those reasons aren’t known until much later or sometimes never.
      xo, Tami

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