Happy Birthday to Me

By tamara on
birthday cake

I turned 43 years old today, on this day April 29.  This birthday marks a significant milestone that has become quite important to me and my psychological state of mind.  I have been anxiously awaiting and secretly fearing its arrival for 24 years.

When I was 18, my mother died of a heart attack.  She was 42 years old.  Because her death came so swiftly and without warning, its impact on my psyche was very dramatic.  I began to believe that a curse loomed overhead, and that my life too, would come to a sudden end at the age of 42.  I tucked this belief deeply away, but now and again, it would seep out and remind me that life was fragile.

When I passed the last anniversary of my mother’s death, I began to realize that I probably wasn’t going to die this year.  That feeling started to empower me and free my mind from what was mental trepidation.  And now my life can soar.

Today I reflect on where I am.  I am pleased.  I am grateful.  I am calm.  I am healthy.
I have options.  I am content.   I am beautiful.   I love.

– And so my journey continues.


  1. Happy Birthday Tami! You should most definitely be pleased, grateful, and calm! And you most certainly are healthy, content, beautiful and loved! Which is why, my friend, you have options! Love you! xo Karen

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