The Fountain of Youth

By tamara on

fountain of youthAs I’ve grown older, I have become painfully aware of my age and where I am on the the time horizon of a life span. I can hear the clock ticking much more vividly today than when I was young and time seemed abundant and endless. But in April, I celebrated my 45th birthday and I have to say that I felt younger on this birthday, than I have on any other, in years.

For starters I feel great. I attribute this to years upon years of healthy living and self-care. This includes a diet of whole foods, plenty of sleep and near daily exercise. A healthy regimen has compounding effects and although I am older, I have greater endurance today. Even my energy level has remained the same throughout my entire life.

But what made me feel especially young on my birthday was not only the general condition of my physical state. It was the endurance that I have developed through years of drinking and partying. I know this will sound contradictory to the groundwork I have laid with in the previous paragraph, but years of experience partying, has given me that stamina to party till the wee hours of night, wake up and go to work and have a productive day.

And I have to say, there something to can be said about that!

It is one thing to treat your body like a temple and avoid all things unhealthy, but to me that isn’t what life is about. It’s about taking care of yourself well enough, so that you are physically strong enough to live the way you want to – to have the energy and the spirit to live a full physical life and times, that might mean, living hard. But that’s ok, because life is meant to be fun. And enjoying life is truly what keeps us young.


  1. Mnohaya Lita – Happy Birthday Tamara! I’ve got to say, when I saw you at the Fashion Show in March, I thought you looked terrific! Glad you are not only looking great, but feeling great too.. so important in today’s world! You’re an inspiration to us all!

    • Thanks so much Nata. I think we inspire each other; whenever I see interesting and creative ideas it ignites a burst of momentum.

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