Surviving in this Economy

By tamara on

The basic aspects of survival are keen instincts and the ability to adapt to the environment.  Instincts are more of a gift than skill AND not all people have good instincts.  If you are such a person then don’t go with your gut, use your head instead.

Surviving in this economy is all about using your head and playing it smart.  Come to work each day with a positive attitude and appreciation for employment.  Be serious and professional and avoid office politics.  Save the monkey business and water cooler talk for your own time.  Remember that you are being paid to work.

Do the best job that you can.  Pay attention to detail and strive to produce a quality work product.  Let people know what you are working on and the successes you have had – but always give credit to those who have helped you achieve.  Be a true team player.

Check your ego at the door.  We all become frustrated with our jobs and our colleagues, but in this environment, you need to keep your emotions and your ego in check.  Don’t get into a pissing contest – it never ends well.

Respect your boss.  No matter how much of a tool your boss may be, your boss does have a certain amount of power over your career.  Getting into a stand-off with your boss is never a good idea.

“Work is not a popularity contest” – well, whoever said that, was dead wrong.  A large part of succeeding is your ability to be popular and in this environment your job may even depend on it.   Be likeable.  If it comes down to you being laid-off or someone else who is a bigger jack ass than you, who do you think will get the axe?


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