An Old Friend for Dinner

By tamara on
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If in life you fortunate enough meet a person with whom you have a deep spiritual connection, consider yourself both lucky and blessed.  I had friend who I once knew and although I hadn’t spoken to her in twenty years, I have never stopped thinking about her.  Recently, through Facebook, I reconnected with this friend – my dear old friend, Lisa.

Lisa and I have known each other through Ukrainian social circles and summer camps.  She was the little sister that I never had.  We shared common interests in sports and had similar personalities and styles –often direct, at times brutally honest, but always sincere.  And although Lisa and I have lost touch through the years, I have never stopped thinking and caring about her and knew that we would one day reconnect.

True friends withstand the test of time and even though they may drift apart, they always come back together again.  But even more than a just friend, Lisa has a special place in my heart as she has been permanently etched into one of my life’s most sacred memories – Lisa was with me when I found out that my mother had died.  And when another soul bears witness to an experience so relevant to your life, their spirit will be a part of you forever.

Last night, Lisa came to my house for dinner.  I spent most of the day preparing for her arrival making sure that every detail was perfect.  I was excited and even a little bit nervous.  But as soon as I saw her I could tell by her face and the look in her eyes that she was the exact same person – totally real.

The twenty years that had passed seemed as though they were compressed into one minute and that no time had elapse between our friendship.  We talked and talked and talked and talked and at the end of the night I realized that those twenty years did actually happen.  And although our lives have been vastly different we somehow have similarly evolved and our spirits still remain kindred and connected.


  1. Hi Tamara, I enjoyed reading your blog today. I totally agree with you about true friendship. I had a similar situation with my friend Toncia from Butler, Pa. We had a circle of friends in Hi School but there were four of us that were very close. Maybe because we were Ukes. After graduating we came to NYC. At the 10 year class re-union we met again with our children, for I took Misio and Yarko with me. They lived on the farm and we had a lovely get together. After 56 years I decided to go the 56 year reunion, but because of my surgery I could not go. But I went back in September for a visit and the four of us met and it was as if we were never apart. We talked and talked. The bond from our High School days was there and still is. That is something special.

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