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I’ve always been an old soul and searched for wisdom beyond my years – at least that was the image I tried to create when I was teenager.  I grew up in a happy and somewhat normal middle-class family, but wanted an edgier image that was dark and complex.

Then when I was eighteen, my mother died and I found myself in the darkness, that I thought I wanted. But I was wrong – I wanted to go back to my happy teenage life. But it was too late, that life had shattered. There was only one way for me to go and it was forward, which is what I said after spending an entire year crying on my kitchen floor.

Life can be hard, but it can also be wonderful.  And often times it doesn’t have to be as hard as we make – it which is what I learned through years of introspection and self care.

A year after my mom’s death, I met the man that I would marry.  He also happened to be the same man that I would divorce nine years later. But it’s all ok, we are best friends and take care of each other like family.

Which brings me to my family.  I have two brothers.  Enough said.  My father also passed away several years after my mom.  That made me feel like an orphan.  But I have other relatives, who step in and play the part of parents – whether I want them to or not.  They mean well.

As a career I chose Finance.  I have worked on Wall Street for over twenty years.  Through those years I’ve seen some market cycles that have made fortunes, while downturns have taken them away.  I have watched careers come and go and I have seen firms that stood for a hundred years collapse in what seamed to be a span of moments.

Working on Wall Street is a great experience if you have the stomach for it. But then again, I can say the exact same thing about my life….

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  1. This is such a true depiction of yourself and who you are – and even though there is SO much more to tell…..you are on the right path. I am a witness to your statements and have enjoyed the colors on your canvas and very much look forward to hearing about your experiences/views going forward! xo

  2. Christine,
    Thanks so much for your comment and support of my blog. You of all people have been with me throughout various parts of my journey and helped me to hone alot of the views that we now call “pearls.”
    With love,

  3. It exudes confidence and a clear awareness about the turning points in your Life, while it flows into a present that is always dynamic. Your thankfulness embraces all the good energy to come. Thanks for sharing

    • Sandra, thank you so much for reading my blog. im so glad to have met you. You take such good care of me in PT and with your interest in my healing i can only get bettter. love, tamara

  4. Tamara, Thank you for introducing me to your website “Painting the Canvas”. You are a beautiful Soul! Never change! With Love, Linda

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