A message to the Wall Street Occupiers: Do Your Jobs!

By tamara on
occupy wallstreet

They first caught our attention when we were inconveniently forced to divert our normal commuting route in order to avoid the police partitions.  But the movement quickly gained momentum and soon Occupy Wall Street was dominating the nightly news.

They protested corporate greed and economic injustice and although their base camp was Zucotti Park in Lower Manhattan, the movement quickly spread across the country and eventually around the globe.

But one year later, today, the anniversary of the movement’s inception, nothing has changed.  I first wrote about the Occupy Wall Street movement in one of my earlier blog posts, uniquely titled Occupy Wall Street.  Although I never really had faith that this group of drifters could mobilize themselves in such a way to affect any material change, I secretly hoped that that they could.

Although in my blog post I described the protesters as lacking in leadership and aim, I do go on to agree with the sentiment of the protest – our system is broken.  The situation which has spawned this movement is still prevalent.  The economic condition of our country remains abysmal while the forecast for the remainder of the year shows no significant signs of recovery as we rapidly approach the precipice of the impending fiscal cliff.

Today there was as much confusion around the Occupy Wall Street movement as ever as they continue to cast themselves as silly blather of lazy generation weirdos.  They asked for our attention through their protests and disruptions, yet they have made no real progress.  I believe that it is fair to say, that the job done by the Occupy Wall Street movement has been inadequate and just as poor performance has its consequences in the corporate world, the lack of impact made by this movement will undoubted lead the Occupy Wall Street movement to its own obsolescence.




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  1. Tami, completely agree, I was disappointed today that a year later, the movement has lost it’s way, rudderless now more than ever before. It’s a shame that like the movement, not much has changed in the world around us that can be described as positive momentum. Let’s hope that next year will be different on both fronts. Julie

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