Trump China

President Trump’s COVID Illness and How it Should Shape China Posture

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Op-ed that I wrote on October 12, 2020 As President Trump announced his COVID diagnosis, China’s social media lit up with a gleeful Trump “had it coming.” Chinese people celebrated with free coffees; predictions were tossed around anticipating an impending death of our Commander-in-Chief, who caught the dreaded virus on the 70th anniversary of Chinese …

Coming Soon: Lose the Gum

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Over the last several months, I received a number of emails asking me, why I haven’t been blogging. People seem to think that my new Manhattan lifestyle is just so fabulous and full of parties that I have foregone my purpose. Well, I would like to assure you that is not the case. Although my …

Putin in Dresden

Putin’s Syrian Dance

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Russia’s bombing of Syria has much greater meaning than the context of Russia simply coming to aid of its greatest ally in the Middle-East.  This is a very serious event that will set the parameters of Putin’s next strategic action. A few weeks ago, I watched the Putin interview on 60 Minutes.  Amidst a barrage …

Winter on fire 5

Winter on Fire

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Last night I thought I was going to the movies at the IFC theater in the West Village, but instead I went back to Kyiv and joined the protests that took place at Maidan Nezalezhnosti, in November 2013.  That is how vivid the depiction was by Director Evgeny Afineevsky in his newly released documentary “Winter …

Spring Lake 3

End of Summer Blues

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Writers write. That being the case, I certainly haven’t been much of a writer lately… My summer was a hectic string of endless packing, un-packing and repacking.  In past years, when I lived at the shore, my plans were made with carefree whimsy, as my mood would dictate what I was going to do in …

Crooked Nation

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It seems that each day another story breaks about a crooked politician.  And although some are outraged by the news, the vast majority seems to accept it, as what is becoming the new normal.  We shrug our shoulders, roll out eyes and move on with our day without giving it another thought until the next …

Maywheather Paquiao

The Fight

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I don’t usually follow boxing, but like most, I was swept into the vortex of media hype, for the Fight of the Century.  And although I was compelled to watch The Fight, I made no real plans to do so. But life can be so anecdotal and so very accommodating. Yesterday morning a determined me, …

East Village Ruble

Ukie Village

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  This morning I went to the East Village to visit the blast site where the three buildings burnt down to the ground. I knew this would be an emotional venture because these buildings were part of the background landscape of a neighborhood that is very close to my heart.  It is a neighborhood that …